So I’m clearly not a hardcore blogger. This Much is certain. Its a miracle if i check my blog everyday. Especially over Christmas and new year. I haven’t looked at all. Regardless of this it is a New Year and as cliche as it is to say it, Hopefully a new me. Fitness! Pahh what is that word! The weather down this end has been terrible. Severe weather warnings all up and down the coast. Banned from entering the surf! New wetsuit hanging up ready to rock but the waves has been to big to risk it! So went for a run instead! Now i find it hard to exercise. By heck i cant stand it! But running along the beach today felt totally invigorating. And i can definitely say that without a shadow of a ┬ádoubt i’ll be going running again soon. Tomorrow perhaps. Watch this space!Image


Another Blustery Day

So today the weather has turned. Its not atrocious, in fact its positively mild. But compared to the lovely sunshine we’ve had these last few days it may mean that winter may shortly be kicking in! Regardless of this i have not ventured out of the house since Friday. Except to go to work briefly on Sunday evening. I dont find myself stir crazy as of yet. Just terribly bored. Now of course i could do anything to rectify the issue, by simply going outside. Except i cant find the motivation for it! Ive got coursework i seriously need to get cracking with so why arent i doing that! I purely cannot be bothered! So ive decided to go and see the girls for coffee this evening. Hopefully kick start me out of this rut.

With regards to coursework i am nearly through my first term of my final year. Scary stuff. Cant wait to be done but im going to miss everyone something bad. Ive got a ridiculously low amount of coursework to do this year, that doesnt seem to be making getting it done any easier whatsoever! Since its the third and final year everyone is head down, focusing on their dissertations. Me!? I trawl the internet for hours looking at pictures, holidays, Youtube’ing and generally doing nothing! Music is my salvation. Alongside a good book. They just just go hand in hand! How i love to let my imagination run wild! With that in mind (literally) i will pick up my kindle and have a look for a new treasure. Regardless of the Kindle, Ebook etc, there is nothing in the world that beats the satisfaction of walking into a bookstore and leaving with arms full of promise. I cant wait till Christmas day, purely to unwrap all the books ive bought myself and immerse my mind in pure unadulterated Fantasy.