A Sunny Evening Sailing

A Sunny Evening Sailing

So this evening i made a super idiot of myself. Like, beyond normal levels. It was a rash move and through it i was upset. It made me feel humiliated and stupid and i’m sadly under the impression that I’ve lost a friend. Not always treated great by said friend and in truth due to circumstances we’ve drifted apart. Still, a friend is a friend and its unpleasant to see them go. Its been a wake up call in reality and made me slightly nostalgic. This photo is from several months ago when i started to learn to sail. Im still a complete novice but it is a thrill being out on the water with one of my oldest, bestest friends, surrounded by nature. So although i am sad in this moment. I know there is a good moment just waiting round the corner. Im sure i’ll have my camera at the ready to make sure i enjoy the ride and then relive it when ever i wish.

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